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2016 ADDISON Magazine Readers’ Choice for Favorite IT Company!
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You’ve got questions? We’ve got the answers.
We are your IT Department

  • Do I have the necessary IT infrastructure in place to support our growth?
  • How will my employees communicate?
  • How can we keep our systems, customer information, and financial information safe?
  • What happens if I have a system crash?

When it comes to these types of questions, it’s best to ask an expert. TeksInc is one of the leading IT providers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’re able to bring enterprise-class IT support and expertise to companies of all sizes and industries. We can provide you with day-to-day IT support, as well as strategic services such as business continuity and growth planning. But most importantly, we’re committed to being much more than just another vendor. We want to be your long-term business partner. That means when you have a question, we’re always available to give you an answer that makes sense – good business sense. Keep your business up? Check out TeksInc CloudDR

”Technology is critical to our business but not our core function. TeksInc is reliable, fair and proactive – they take the time to explain things patiently and ensure that we understand our technology. No business needs an IT person in-house because, with TeksInc, you’ll feel as if you already have one!” – Robin Bohbot, President, Your Sales Leads, Inc.

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