Our school has been a TeksInc customer for over 5 years. TeksInc has consistently provided timely tech support when any problems have arisen. The way they have responded to problems has made me feel like we are their only client! They have helped us be proactive in anticipating growth and having our network in a position to handle that growth. I’ve always gotten the feeling from TeksInc that we are much more than an account number. They really seem to have a vested interest in helping the technology at our school run smoothly.

Lisa Gossard
Technology Director, Preston Hollow Presbyterian School

Technology is critical to our business but not our core function. TeksInc is reliable, fair and proactive – they take the time to explain things patiently and ensure that we understand our technology. No business needs an IT person in-house because, with TeksInc, you’ll feel as if you already have one!

Robin Bohbot
President, Your Sales Leads, Inc.

We have been so delighted to know that our problems big or small they tackle right away. Our frustrations and mostly our time have greatly diminished because of their responsiveness. Some of our positive experiences with TeksInc include timely reply to our daily needs, friendly service, upgrades and backups to our systems all done seamlessly. Mostly what TeksInc specializes to us is the confidence that any issue or problem will be promptly resolved so we can operate with full capacity working computers. Because they are thorough, customer service focused, and computer/technology knowledgeable I would recommend TeksInc to partner with any company’s computer and technology needs.

Mary Schwind
Owner/President, Imagineering Industries, Inc.

Darren Gardner is a very hands-on owner and manager and is attuned to his clients’ needs and expectations as well as budgetary restrictions. TeksInc worked with our company and developed a plan that has worked wonderfully well. We have gradually upgraded every aspect of our technology system, and we now experience little down time or emergency situations. If any issue comes up, TeksInc is very responsive in getting it resolved. I strongly recommend TeksInc and am very glad that we made the decision to take advantage of their excellent services.

Elaine Cuellar
Executive Assistant, Share Financial Services, Inc.

We have been extremely pleased with the skill, support, expertise and responsiveness that we have received from the TeksInc team. The TeksInc team has gone above and beyond the call of duty in upgrading our systems, working through integration issues, and bringing our firm in line with law firm and IT best practices. I require the highest standards from myself and my team of professionals at my firm, and I expect the same of my vendors. TeksInc has met this challenge and the high bar that I set.

Craig Tadlock
Owner, Tadlock Law Firm

TeksInc has been very effective in implementing solutions to meet our business needs. Over the years, Darren and this team have worked hard to get us into a proactive state with our equipment instead of a reactive state while keeping our budgetary restraints in mind. They have always been there when we needed them.

Sharon O’Hara
Controller, Dallas National Golf Club

TeksInc has provided MAPSCO, INC. with quality computer services. Darren and his team have met all of our technology needs and exceeded our expectations as a computer services vendor. They understand the needs these organizations have with regard to budget concerns and limited internal IT staff. TeksInc is a growing business with hundreds of clients and we are pleased to be among those. Their responsiveness, experience and willingness to tackle any and all challenges make them a very worthy partner.

Tracy Eubanks
Executive Vice President, Mapsco Inc.

I was so pleased that TeksInc was able to use the remote login feature that is part of our TMS plan and fix my computer so quickly. Thanks for resolving this virus issue so quickly and for all the great work your company does to keep our IT running smoothly!

Sherry B.
Nationwide Lifts of Texas