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TeksInc CloudDR

TeksInc CloudDR

Can’t Afford Downtime?
  • What is your plan for a fire, flood, tornado?
  • How long can your systems be down before it really starts to hurt?
  • What happens if you cannot interact with your customers? Sell your product? Pay your employees?
  • How do you test new software versions, programs, or upgrades?
  • Do you know if your backups really work?
  • What is the real cost of downtime?





TeksInc CloudDR answers all of these questions. TeksInc CloudDR stores all of your servers in the Cloud via a nightly backup. We can have your servers back up in the cloud in one hour or less. You can use TeksInc CloudDR as a test or lab environment to test new software versions, programs, or upgrades. TeksInc CloudDR service includes actual Disaster Recovery tests.

TeksInc CloudDR gives you piece of mind that your business will be kept up and running in the event of a disaster.

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